• Hey, I am Yiyuan, a Chinese illustrator currently based in Delft, the Netherlands.

    Welcome to Cubs Forest, my art studio & online shop, where you can shop for a collection of adorable (or ugly but cute) goodies like stickers, enamel pins, postcards, and more. I am the creator of Mochi, Hazel, Cubbie, Dango and Doodle, a bunch of chubby bears. All my art springs to life from the whimsical tales of this hidden forest that those playful, silly cubs call home. Here's the sweet secret: this forest isn't part of our world. It's a magical realm only accessible through the corridors of your imagination. So, close your eyes, and let your thoughts soar to an unknown planet far, far away. There, you'll be serenaded by the sweet tones of cubbies in the valleys, and you'll find nothing but pure, unbridled happiness.

  • I always wish to craft smiles with art. And I hope that in the future I can create more handmade products to make people feel the warmth of my art.

    Wanna know more about me & my daily life? Feel free to check out my Instagram page and YouTube channel.